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12 Handmade Dark Chocolate Collection (180g)

The ultimate dark collection. Four origin chocolate ganaches ranging from 85-65%.

Allergy Info:

Butter, double cream, soya lecithin and wheat flour

What's in the box

Montecristi 85%
A complex but wonderfully delightful dark chocolate truffle using 85% Manabi Ecuadorian couverture, encased in dark chocolate and coated in 100% cocoa powder.
Cuba 70%
A delightful dark chocolate ganache using 70% Cuban couverture, (tobacco?) encased in a dark chocolate shell and finished with cocoa nibs to give texture and extra wow.
Brazil 66.8%
A dark chocolate ganache using 66.8% Brazilian couverture, encased in a dark chocolate shell. This chocolate has hints of fresh tropical fruits.
Haïti 65%
The tip of this dark chocolate is a ganache using 65% Haïtian couverture, the bottom half is the same chocolate but with finely ground biscuit crumb to give crunch and extra texture encased in a dark chocolate shell. With hints of fresh mango.
Allergens: Gluten